Visit of beautiful Turkey

Brief History

Turkey has a very old history, as per available record in 47 AD Saint Paul started establishing churches throughout Turkey region. In 330 Constantine the Great is took the decision to make Byzantium as capital of Roman Empire, in 527 Justinian became Emperor of Byzantium and in his period the great building of Hagia Sophia cathedral started and it is completed in 537.
Later on Ottoman Empire is founded by Osman 1 in 1299. When the World War 1 started in 1914 Ottoman Empire was allied with Germany in 1919 the World War comes to an  end. Ottoman Empire was defeated in result a movement of Turkish Independence started which was lead by a military officer  Mustafa Kamal who was called Attaturk which means father of Turks and ultimately in 1923 The Republic of Turkey came into being.
Turkey is one of the most favorite destination for the tourists from all over theT world. It is very beautiful and have a fantastic historical places to visit all over  Turkey.
First of all you have to get a valid Entry Visa . You can easily apply on line if your country is falling in the approved list of e-Visa countries.
You can travel from all over the world by Air, BUS,SEA  and TRAIN, this link can help you for your tour planing.
Turkey is very busy because tourists are coming daily in millions so it is advisable plan your tour very carefully. For the booking of hotels I am providing you a Link of best available option.You can also search online but it is better to arrange before traveling to avoid blackmailing of agents over there.
I planned my visit in the moth of Feb which was too good as per my experience because spring was near to start and the weather was very nice and pleasant.
I took a flight from Quetta (Pakistan) to Istanbul (Turkey) via Dubai. After spending thee hrs in the Dubai Airport lounge fly for Istanbul.We reach by the late evening.I took a taxi and rush to my hotel after getting fresh up i took a round to the near market purchase some necessary items for my next day trip.

Next day just after taking breakfast  I start my visit of Istanbul. It is the major city of Turkey. It is one of the most populated cities of this county.It is the main center of economic, culture and history.Its old historical name is Byzantium and Constantinople. Major tourist attractions are The Blue Mosque,Topkapi Museum,Grand Bazar,Bosporus and Hagia Sophia Museum. Each one of these are the fantastic place to visit. we spend almost full day but we feel it was not sufficient.It is hard to explain all places in details so I am mentioning few facts about Hagia Sophia .

                                                Hagia Sophia Museum

 One of the most unique and important building ever constructed.Its wide flat dome was a daring Engineering project in 6th century.It was build in 537 AD by Emperor Justinian as a Cathedral church, later in 1453 Mehmet Conqueror claimed it as a mosque. It was served as revered mosque until 1935 when Mustafa Kamal Ataturk proclaimed  it as a museum. In 2007 its one room on eastern side was opened for the prayers.
 Pamukkale. We spend some time to visit these runes we move to Karahayit village to visit veTravelling between cities in one day is a quite difficult, but if you hire a tour operator then it will be easier to move door to door.Next day our plan was to visit Pamukkale. This tinny town is UNESCO World Heritage site. I wake up early in the morning because we have to take a flight to Denizil. It was one hr flight but aerial view of this city was so beautiful.After getting out of airport we rushed to explore the red ancient runes of Hierapolis, one of a great historical place, it is near to modernry famous red sprig of hot water.
Passing through the village streets full of fresh fruits and vegetables we reach to  thermal red spring leading to the bathing pool.Iron particles gives a reddish look to the Travertine. Just spending 15 TL and walk through shallow water with bare feet toward Mud pool and enjoy a amazing experience.Next we move to Pamukkale.
Pamukkale means in Turkish Cotton Castle. In real when you reach there you will feel yourself in a cotton castle because all around you there are white Travertine formed by limestone deposited from minerals of Thermal spring water.Walking bare footed in hot shallow water is a unique experience.You can swim in these thermal pools, as they are not so deep.

There are so many other places to visit but due to shortage of time we just left for Antalya. You have two option for traveling one by Bus its cost about 10 to 14 $ and take  almost 4 hours, the other option is to drive in car its cost about 30 to 45$ according to your bargaining capacity and traveling time is about 3 hrs and 30 mints. we travel in car and reach there by the late evening, directly went to our hotel which was booked on line.                                                                   
Antalya is the fifth most populated city of Turkey. It was an old Roman port.It is also called Turkey resorts city with yacht filled old harbor. It is a gateway to Southern  Mediterranean sea region.It has a very beautiful beaches of shining blue water. Ancient runes of old Roman city Aspendos are best historical place to visit and it is just 40 km from Antalya. Full of nature and beautiful water falls can be seen in lower and upper Duden which is just 15 km from Antalya .Local buses easily available. Another major attraction for the tourists is Hadrian gate.
These gates were build in the Honor of Roman Emperor in 130 AD.

Our next destination was Cappadocia. There are many way to travel like Bus Air and by car, but we opt to travel by bus because it is the cheapest way and the time difference is only 2 hrs.Its operate twice daily we took an afternoon bus directly to Göreme which is just near to famous Fairy chimneys " cone shaped rock formations". we reached there by the late night so we directly went to our hotel.

We were very disparate to see our hotel because it was briefed us as Cave Hotel but when we reached there we were quite surprised to see a very nice neat and clean hotel.We went to bed immediately to enjoyed a good sleep as we were tired too much.                                                    
Cappadocia is the piece of magical land in Turkey .It has very picturesque views to see and when you visit it practically you will feel the word Magical is not sufficient to explain its beauty. At least three days require to visit this place . There are so many wonderful places to visit like Pigeon valley,Red valley,Hot water Lake,and under ground city. Every place need a long time to visit in detail.all places are unique and have a different story. Hot air ballooning is a totally different experience. It is just amazing when you fly in it.The aerial view of this beautiful place will mesmerized you especially when its fly our the Fairy Chimney it gives a marvels look


 Although we spend a quite time to visit this beautiful city but still we were not satisfied and like to stay more but it was not possible.
here I am sharing some of memorable pictures of my tour, hope you will like it.

Please do share your feedback for the betterment and correction. I shell be grateful


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